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  • By registering will my information be safe? +

    Yes, your information is safe as www.tweedymile.org has all concerned safeguards/security systems. This site does not ask for you to provide with sensitive information such as your social security of any bank information. Regardless, you should be very careful when visiting any site by asking yourself whether the information you are providing is relevant to the transaction you are engaging in.

  • Can I advertise in tweedymile.org even if I am not a Tweedy Mile merchant? +

    Yes again. However, as space is limited, this site reserves the right to do so without an explanation, and with pending approval from the editorial committee. Entries are to be time sensitive and relevant to South Gate.

  • Can I publicize my community event in this site? +

  • Do I need to register in order to view the site? +

    No, you do not need to register to view this site. However, having your basic contact information will allow us to provide you with updates that are relevant to you. You can register here

  • What are the Objectives of Tweedymile.org? +

    These are:to promote every business in the area, in the most interactive possible way to reach existing and potential consumers through: internet listings, a one page description of every business, mini-consumer on-line surveys, opinion blogs, promotional videos, on-line coupons, merchant webinars, and an e-newsletter.

    Other important objectives are: to promote the vision of Tweedy Mile as a good shopping destination, through community revitalization efforts; to emphasize the partnership TMA has with the City of South Gate; and to establish the transparency and accountability that is required by the new mandates under the 501 c(3) non-profit status.

  • Where can I inquire about any other question concerning this site? +

    Please contact Xavier Sibaja by following this link or call him at 323-566-7185

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About Tweedy Mile and its Association

  • How Can I help? +

    Merchants and community members with an interest of making Tweedy Mile a better shopping, and community environment, are welcomed to contact the Tweedy Mile office at 3517-C Tweedy Bl. South Gate, CA 90280, at 323-564-7185. To maximize the talent of potential volunteers, interviews will take place before assignments are provided.

    Online Contact Form

  • What has Tweedy Mile Association done in the last four yeasrs as a 501 c (3) organization? +

    In the enclosed PDF file you'll find a snapshot summary of TMA's program outcomes, and evaluation from March 2007 to February 2011. This is a four-year report that chronicles the association's activities since its inception as a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. Comprehensive reports are provided upon request. These annual reports feature a narrative, board meeting minutes, collateral materials, and financial reports.

    Attached files

    Snapshot summary.pdf

  • What is TMA operating budget? Where does TMA gets its income? +

    TMA: Assets, Income Sources, and Liabilities

    TMA owns no vehicles or real estate property. During 2007-2010, TMA had invested $12,199.04 in office furniture, improvements, and equipment. The investment was necessary as the organization had no office space or office equipment. Due to regular depreciation and the present economic downturn, sixty percent depreciation in value of these assets will be a conservative estimate.

    Personnel and Directors liabilities are insured through general liability insurance, directors and officers insurance, and workers comp.

    Through its corporation bylaws and by mandate of the service agreement, TMA holds $59,922 in reserves, through accumulated savings that preceded service agreement funds. These reserves not only attest for TMA’s good fiscal practices but are needed to secure future funding, to obtain insurance, and to guarantee a shortfall from its revenue generating program: the Street Fair. TMA experienced a $1,000.00 shortfall in 2008. Outside this loss TMA has netted $16,600 on average during the last four years.

    Besides the net proceeds from the Annual Street Fair, as explained above, TMA receives an average of $19,000.00 from merchant fees through its Business Improvement District income stream. These fees are collected by the City of South Gate acting as fiscal agent. Finally, in 2007, TMA through a service agreement with the City of South Gate started receiving $200,000.00 on an annual basis. The agreement expired February 28, 2011.

    Comprehensive annual financial reports are provided upon request. Please call 323-566-7185 for these type of requests,

  • What type of assisstance TMA provides to local merchants? +

    Not limited to the services listed below TMA provides its merchants with:

    -In-store promotions such as holiday raffles and ribbon-cutting ceremonies

    -Developing marketing strategies, basic flyer design, and publicity.

    -General paid advertising, and Website promotion

    -Sidewalk sales permits, which includes an annual calendar of promotions

    -Organization of Street events such as the Street Fair, and Navidad on Tweedy

    -Holiday Decorations placement

    -Physical Improvements on the boulevard

    -Working with the City’s code enforcement unit to present ordinance issues affecting local merchants

    -Working with the City’s Police Department to report on safety issues taking place on Tweedy Mile.

    -A bimonthly general membership meetings where businesses and local community groups can present a profile of their businesses, and services

    -Annual recording of available commercial space to be offered at retailers conventions attended by the City.

    -One-on-one meetings that can take place either at the merchant’s office or at the TMA’s office.

    For Please call Xavier Sibaja at 33-566-7185 for an appointment.

  • Who is involved? How is the TMA board configured? +

    In 2007 Tweedy Mile Association became a 501 c(3) non-for-profit organization. The board of directors is comprised of a combination of twelve local merchants, property owners, and community members. The board includes one president, two vice presidents, a treasurer, a secretary, a City liaison, and an honorary member. Following the Main Street Approach, board members are part of the Design, Economic Restructuring, Organizing, and Promotions working committees. TMA also counts with dedicated volunteers that generously lend their expertise to improve our boulevard. The term of both officers, and regular members, is two years with option to renew their term. If interested in learning more about this topic please ask for a copy of our bylaws by calling Xavier Sibaja at 323-566-7185.

    Click here to learn more about TMA and to view the current board of directors and staff.

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 Address: 3517-C Tweedy Blvd., South Gate, CA, 90280, USA

  Phone number: 00323 566 7185