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New Monument Signs Unveiled

On Tuesday, February 22, 2012 at 11 a.m. Tweedy Mile Association Board Members, the Beautification Committee, the South Gate Chamber of Commerce, and the City of South Gate Council and City Departments celebrated the Phase One completion of planned improvements on Tweedy Boulevard with the official unveiling of entrance monument signs and both ends of Tweedy Mile.

The South Gate Patch was there to cover the event. Following is the Patch article by

Three new monument signs that welcome visitors and residents to Tweedy Boulevard were officially introduced Tuesday. Two of the signs are located at the cross street of Tweedy Boulevard and Hunt Avenue while the third is located at Tweedy Boulevard and State Street.

Officials at the ribbon-cutting ceremony expressed appreciation for the work involved in creating and installing the signs that now welcome visitors to South Gate’s business district.


“Many hours were put into this project,” said Guillermo Quiroz, Univision 34 meteorologist and co-owner of Shemei Salon on Tweedy Boulevard, as he welcomed attendees. “We thank all that were involved.”

Those who spoke during the ceremony said the work to fund and install the monument signs was a collaborative effort.

“This project is an example of what people can do working together,” said Janice Hicks, the Azalea Queen for 2011, as she thanked the Tweedy Mile Association, the city beautification committee and the South Gate public works department for their work.

Mayor Maria Davila, speaking for the South Gate City Council, also extended the members' appreciation to those involved.

“We want to thank the beautification committee, the Tweedy Mile Association and the public works department for making sure that Tweedy Boulevard looks beautiful,” said Davila. “This is your creation and we are grateful.”

George Troxcil, city manager, also reminded residents that the signs are not the last of the refurbishment projects planned for Tweedy Boulevard.

“We have a lot more that we are planning for Tweedy Mile,” said Troxcil. The City Council plans to beef up its anti-graffiti campaign and is also seeking a grant to study how to further improve Tweedy Boulevard. “This is the beginning not the end,” he said.

Tweedy Mile businesses should benefit from the revitalization of the area, said a consultant on the project.

“We find that when you start refurbishment in a downtown sector, no matter how large, it’s a domino effect of positivity,” said Patrick Helmer of South Coast Lighting & Design, the company hired to help build the monument signs.

He said “when all the new elements are done, the actual receipts for businesses in the area increase because people want to come and see them.”

Helping to build commerce is important to the city as it hopes to increase revenue for local businesses as well as for local government.

“We want [local businesses] to succeed because we're in partnership with them,” said Vice Mayor Bill De Witt. “We get [more] sales taxes if they do well, and we then have more tax revenue.”

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