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Four Years of Work: Lessons Learned and Accomplishments

Dear Tweedy Mile Stakeholder,

Since 2007 Tweedy Mile Association (TMA) has submitted to the City of South Gate (The City) timely and comprehensive quarterly reports covering all activities mandated under a multi-year service agreement.

The voluminous reports, averaging 95 pages, submitted to all City Council members, the City Manager, the Finance Director, and the City’s Senior Planner have included: an activity report; financial reports, TMA’s bank statements, administrative attachments reflecting progress of all program activity; public notices; and TMA board meeting minutes.

Despite the detailed information submitted to the City, TMA through discussions with Council members, City staff, and key members of the community, has detected confusion concerning the service agreement outcomes, the trust of the programs, who has benefited from them, the TMA’s overall financial resources; the type of investments made during the term of the service agreement; the specific source of the service agreement funding, and TMA’s authority, or role, concerning city ordinances affecting this commercial district.

For this reason, TMA produced at the term of this service agreement a snapshot report on program outcomes and evaluation. The report that we are placing online is just a glimpse of what took place from March 2007 to February 2011. Please find this snapshot In the FAQ section of this site, at the About Tweedy Mile and Its Association option.

The original report, available upon request by calling 323-566-7185, stresses the point of a long-overdue investment in this commercial district, as defined by the conduction of the City’s General Plan Update. At the same time addresses the lessons learned through the implementation of this agreement, as its conclusions and recommendations focusing on program design, grant supervision, institutional autonomy; and shared accountability.

TMA has a strong conviction that a vibrant Downtown will brand South Gate as a business-friendly municipality for both big and small businesses. On the contrary, without a City’s vision of a thriving Downtown, it will continue to be extremely challenging for the City Council to achieve similar revitalization efforts in other commercial areas of the City.

Best regards,

TMA Board of Directors


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