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A Fresh Coat of Paint Keeps Blight Away

The long awaited physical improvements on Tweedy Mile will take place, during August/September 2010. Please read below what these projects will entail.

On July 14, 2010 Tweedy Mile Association, and the City of South Gate, met to walk down the boulevard to have a first glimpse of needed physical improvements on Tweedy Mile. LaVerne Bates, Sylvia Masushige, and Xavier Sibaja represented TMA, while Chief George Troxcil, Sonia Sha, Community Development, Dave Torres, Public Works, Veronica Lopez, Code Enforcement, represented the City of South Gate.


The walk-through concluded with a preliminary plan to divide physical improvement projects in implementation phases.



The scope of work under Phase One includes:

Color coating, and tile replacement of planters;

Refurbishing of all benches in the Boulevard.

Under the 2010-2011 service agreement funds for this project have been allocated. The target date for completion of this phase is end of August/beginning of September 2010

Phase Two projects were defined as:

Bus stop units such as shelters, benches, and trash cans.

The target date for completion of this phase is end of December 2010


Phase Three projects were identified as:

Street furniture: light poles, electrical, and street signs.

The end of January 2011 was set as target date for implementation.


On July 27, 2010 the Beautification Committee met at the Tweedy Mile office to discuss their proposed contribution to replace Tweedy Mile entrance signs.

At this meeting TMA presented examples of entry signs to look at. After the committee narrow on one recommendation TMA then took on the task of requesting specifics on the design, and associated costs. It is important to remember that TMA will also have to work the City of South Gate, Public Works Department to make sure that whatever selection, it complies with related safety standards on the public right-of-way.



Once contractor are secured TMA and the City will notified Tweedy Mile merchants and residents, of any disruption in the regular street dynamics. Please call TMA for more information at 323-566-7185.





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