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Tweedy Mile A Paint Job & Permit Guide


On March 2008 the City of South Gate in cooperation with Tweedy Mile approved a Color Code Ordinance for commercial use in Tweedy Mile. The measure was needed to attract more customers to Tweedy Mile by enhancing the look of the area. There is no cost for the permit

The color code ordinance applies only to those businesses owners that are planning to paint their stores.

The color palette was chosen considering the actual design standards adopted by other municipalities. The palette based on earth tones-muted colors also harmonize with historic architectural styles original to South Gate


For safety reasons, a different permit, from a paint permit, is required for new signs. Although for aesthetic reasons new signs are recommended when painting, you can paint without removing your old sign. If you take it down and then reinstall it, you need to get a sign permit. A fee applies to this type of permit


In this panel we offer the colors that apply to Tweedy Mile. Please note the difference between wall and trim colors. There is only one color accepted for the walls, but there are up to three colors accepted for trims. Please note that these colors are digital reproductions from the BEHR Exterior Collection catalogue. This information is for reference only. You are not required to get your paint from this manufacturer.



As of Tuesday February 9, 2010, the 2010 Service Agreement between the City of South Gate, and Tweedy Mile Association took effect. On the Design Committee mandates, under this agreement, it states that TMA will:


§ Document and submit all violations of “Tweedy Mile Color Code” to assist CITY with enforcement.

As recent color code violations have come to our attention, we encourage you to look into our palette for inspiration. It is essential that you obtain a color permit at the City of South Gate before starting your paint job,. Please be aware that the City has a comprehensive photo documentation of all facades in Tweedy Mile. Please be aware that, for your convenience, Tweedy Mile Association can only help you by providing you with the color code brochure palette at our office 3715-C Tweedy Bl., via regular mail by calling 323-566-7185, or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please be aware that color code compliance is part of the City of South Gate Municipal Code. Do not be misinformed by fellow merchants, or by public employees. Tweedy Mile Association has no legal authority to provide anyone with waivers, or variances to this code. Please do not contact TMA on code enforcement issues.

Please call Sonia Shah, City of South Gate Senior Planner at 323-563-9591 if you have any questions concerning the code and any related City-permits.For your reference here is the language of this code:

11.30.230 Tweedy Boulevard commercial district and Hollydale commercial district color palette.

A. Adoption.

(1) Architectural design, including regulations for the exterior colors of all commercial buildings located in the Tweedy Boulevard commercial district or in the Hollydale commercial district as set forth below:


a. A paint color permit shall be obtained from the department of community development prior to applying any paint, stain or other exterior finish on a commercial property.

b. Property owners and tenants shall be limited to selecting colors from the color palette.

c. The following shall apply toward the exterior colors of all commercial structures:

i. For natural, decorative masonry building materials on commercial structures, the color shall be limited to the natural, unpainted color of said material.

ii. For all other exterior surfaces of commercial structures such as wood and stucco, the colors shall be limited to the colors exhibited in the color palette.


(2) All amendments to the color palette shall be pursuant to a resolution of the planning commission.

B. Appeals for Exterior Color. The planning commission shall have the authority to hear and decide appeals. Such appeals shall be filed in writing on an approved application provided by the planning department. The planning commission decision shall be final ten days after the applicant receives formal written notice of the planning commission’s decision. A decision of the planning commission may be appealed to the city council.

C. Enforcement. The painting of a commercial structure in the Tweedy Boulevard commercial district or in the Hollydale commercial district without an approved paint color permit shall constitute an infraction punishable pursuant to Section 11.51.060 of this code.

Best regards, Tweedy Mile Association



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