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Complying With Tweedy Mile’s Color Code

The Tweedy Mile Association (TMA) very much appreciates our merchants contributions to improve the face of our Boulevard. As businesses comply with our local face color code when remodeling its businesses, the boulevard slowly but surely is increasing its appeal.

We particularly would like to acknowledge the Donut Shop at 3483 Tweedy Bl. and Ziegler’s Hardware Store at 3948 Tweedy Bl. for a job well done.

Other merchants have contacted TMA for assistance to obtain the color palette, or the list colors authorized for commercial properties in the Boulevard. We learned that they are some pitfalls in the process and to address them we provide you with these basic helpful hints:

  • Before getting a permit select the colors from the 2009 authorized color palette. You can obtain color samples from Xavier Sibaja at TMA by calling 323-566-7185.
  • It is important that you try different combinations by doing “swatches” or test painting, and then letting them dry for a day. Colors look their best at full sunlight, and with the light hitting directly at the wall. You can achieve the colors’ full effect if you apply more than one coat, while the surface that the paint it’s applied on is cleaned and is smoothed out.


Note that the colors chosen for the Boulevard are muted earth tones, or are not shiny, so a quality paint job will make all the difference. Try to take advantage of your buildings architectural features, such as moldings, cornices, and frames, by applying the trim colors offered in the palette. These contrary to the wall muted colors, are glossy and meant to accentuate your paint job.

Now that you are ready to commit, and have your color palette handy, is time to call the inspector for final approval. Then you are ready to paint.

Although signage is under a different city ordinance, it is excluded from the color code. However, it is also a good idea to have in mind how awnings or lighted box signs will play out with the colors chosen for your face. Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in this matter.


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